Whether your organization thrives on financial success, philanthropic impact, or simply the satisfaction of delivering a great product, OKTHX can help you find meaningful growth through brand development and digital strategy.

We help organizations significantly increase engagement, conversion rates, and revenue by identifying and removing friction in their sites’ user experience, by making sure their brand is engaging and scalable, and by giving them the tools and research to see their business thrive.

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Whether your existing brand is due for an evolution or if you’re new to the game and need a brand-new logo and identity package, we’re here to help you figure it out and guide you through the process.

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And whether you want to optimize or enhance your existing website, start fresh with a redesign, or simply need guidance on how to best connect with your audience online, the team at OKTHX has you covered.

Read on to explore how we’ve helped these clients:

Inspired by vintage hardware store advertising and packaging, our work for Omni Fasteners reinvigorated their staff and brought new attention to their services throughout their customer base.

We worked with one of the top medical growers in Ohio to create a unique premium brand that would stand out from the competition, building on the legacy of a pioneering cannabis advocate.

In anticipation of nearly four decades in business, we helped Wolf Creek completely refresh their identity, covering everything from signage, packaging, online presence, and retail materials.

This theater company needed a brand to match its strong personality. Taking cues from mid-century posters and graphic design, we built a quirky identity package complete with a custom typeface.