Omni Fasteners



Parts of their success

Family owned and operated since 1985, Omni Fasteners Inc. sources and supplies superior-quality fasteners (screws, bolts, rivets, pins, etc.), and fabricates custom parts through their captive machine shop, to customers in varied industries — from medical to aeronautic, energy to plastics, military to transportation.

After a discovery session and some preliminary brainstorming, we worked with Omni to hone their mission, vision, and values, providing a rock solid foundation upon which all the visuals of their brand could be built. From there, we started with refining their logo and developing a sophisticated brand that was consistent with their industry but unusual enough that they could really own, and would stand up to increasing competition, changing industry demographics, and the growing importance of a digital presence.


identity, print, photography, digital
Omni Fasteners logo
Omni Fasteners color palette

Color palette.

Omni Fasteners typography


Omni Fasteners black and white photography of parts

Custom photography.

Omni Fasteners quality checklist photo

Quality assurance checklist.

Omni Fasteners envelope flap
Omni Fasteners stationery
Omni Fasteners stationery
Omni Fasteners stationery footer
Omni Fasteners printed booklet
Omni Fasteners business cards

Stationery and collateral applications.

Omni Fasteners hexagon patterns

Graphic patterns.

Omni Fasteners delivery truck

Delivery van.

Omni Fasteners measuring tapes
Omni Fasteners notebooks

Trade show swag.

Omni Fasteners embroidered logo
Omni Fasteners t-shirt mockup


Responsive website.

OKTHX continues to provide our company with creative and knowledgeable marketing support, thoughtfully targeted to achieve impact and maximize our investment. Omni experienced immediate positive responses to the physical and digital content that we released through our collaboration.

— Kevin Kuczmarski, Owner