Family owned and operated since 1985, Omni Fasteners Inc. sources and supplies superior-quality fasteners (screws, bolts, rivets, pins, etc.), and fabricates custom parts through their captive machine shop, to customers in varied industries — from medical to aeronautic, energy to plastics, military to transportation. With a stable business and a healthy customer base, they carried on with their stagnant brand identity and outdated website for years. As they looked towards the future, however, they recognized that increasing competition, changing industry demographics, and the growing importance of a digital presence meant that it was time for a holistic and comprehensive re-evaluation of their identity across all media. With the largest industry trade show just a few short months away, we knew we needed to deliver a killer package, and fast.

Omni Fasteners logo


  • Omni’s new brand identity is cohesive, flexible, and communicates the knowledge and longstanding industry experience they provide
  • Increased company morale and enthusiasm around a unified message and identity
  • 272% increase in traffic to the website year-over-year with zero additional marketing or ad spend
  • Lead generation through the site averaging 2 leads/month with zero promotion/marketing/outreach (completely organic), potentially bringing in tens of thousands of new revenue
Omni Fasteners nuts in hand photo
Omni Fasteners bolts photo
Omni Fasteners gauge photo
Omni Fasteners checklist photo
Omni Fasteners hex pattern


After a discovery session and some preliminary brainstorming, we worked with Omni to hone their mission, vision, and values, providing a rock solid foundation upon which all the visuals of their brand could be built. From there, we started with refining their logo and developing a sophisticated brand that was consistent with their industry but unusual enough that they could really own.

Our goal was to give them something they would be comfortable with but also excited to use. Technical drawings became a wallpaper background, hex shapes taken from nuts and bolts were repeated as a pattern. Rich purples, aquas, and red-oranges were layered against a subtle tan to evoke a vintage feel.

Our first round of materials was a set of uniform stationery, office forms, business cards, and sell sheet templates. Our next round focused on trade show materials. Finally, we produced a combination folder and brochure, with the covers on silky white stock contrasting with a creamy tan uncoated paper for the insert.

Custom photography was commissioned for use in new deliverables and on the website, and a vehicle wrap was designed and installed, visually signaling the arrival of the revamped Omni Fasteners with every customer delivery.

Omni Fasteners stationery photo
Omni Fasteners stationery photo
Omni Fasteners security envelope photo
Omni Fasteners envelope photo
Omni Fasteners business cards photo
Omni Fasteners booklet folder photo
Omni Fasteners booklet folder
Omni Fasteners van photo
Omni Fasteners measuring tapes
Omni Fasteners notebooks


Omni’s former website served them and their audience well for many years. Acting as a simple yet effective directory listing, it provided the critical information potential customers might need to know: that Omni supplies fasteners, their location, and contact information. Omni recognized, however, that as millennials were ever more a part of their operations, a more fully-featured website was no longer a luxury; it was a necessity.

We worked with Omni to identify the key areas of interest for potential customers, and developed a site structure and content outline that emphasized their variety of capabilities and enabled customers to self-educate and evaluate Omni as a vendor. A careful attention to the user journey added prominent CTA’s leading to an RFQ form, which the previous site lacked. 

Lastly, an email campaign to past, current, and potential future customers yielded extremely positive reactions to the relaunched website and branding.

Omni Fasteners website desktop
Omni Fasteners website tablet
Omni Fasteners website mobile


While stock photos of various fasteners were readily available for purchase, it didn’t sit well with us. Omni is all about finding the right solution for each customer, including making a part from scratch if necessary. Instead, we bought a selection of shiny new fasteners and borrowed some parts from their custom shop. We set up a high-contrast lighting station and photographed our own stock. The photos turned out so well they became a major part of the new identity.

Omni Fasteners custom parts photo
Omni Fasteners nut photo
Omni Fasteners fasteners photo
Omni Fasteners custom fasteners photo

OKTHX continues to provide our company with creative and knowledgeable marketing support, thoughtfully targeted to achieve impact and maximize our investment. Omni experienced immediate positive responses to the physical and digital content that we released through our collaboration.


Due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control, our engagement with Omni came to an amicable end after six exciting months. Within that time, we hit every milestone and exceeded expectations on both sides, and while we no longer actively work together, we still check in on Omni from time to time and are happy to hear that their refreshed brand identity and website are still yielding dividends in the form of increased company morale, industry recognition, and continual organic lead generation.