Custom Type



Letters express your brand

OKTHX is generally skeptical of design trends, but one that we can get behind is commissioning a custom font for your business. Consider that a large part of your visual identity is either made up of or largely based on carefully selected typefaces. Along with your logo, fonts are what your customers see. Instead of an off-the-shelf solution, why not have an exclusive font that you own?

A custom typeface can be as simple as all uppercase letters with some basic punctuation. Or it can be an entire family of various weights with italics, small caps, and advanced OpenType features (don’t worry if you don’t know what that means). Since a new generation of font software has made the task of creating typefaces much quicker and easier, don’t rule it out as an option for your organization as that also means it can be affordable. See what all a font can be, using typefaces designed by OKTHX below:

You could spend weeks trying to find the perfect typeface for your business, often paying a large corporate license fee, or you could design your own bespoke font. Your own font speaks with your voice. Whether that voice is serious, quirky, or casual. But it can be more than that. Your font can include your logo (imagine typing "logo" and seeing it appear ...) Or it can be a collection of icons. [ icons ] It can be all of the above and then some ... It can even be your entire brand.

The fonts shown above, with the exception of Babs Sans, are available through our retail partner, Midwest Type.