Mesta Metal Coatings



One tough finish

Mesta Metal Coatings specializes in custom powder coating finishes. The new owner of the company (formerly known as Imperial Metal Solutions), wanted a fresh coat of paint (so to speak) to liven up the brand and position it as the go-to powder coating solution in their service region. A new identity was crafted around gradient halftone patterns, indicative of paint droplets from a powder coating spray gun. The color palette was inspired by the Greek flag as well as features of the owner’s homeland of of Mesta, Chios, Greece.

The identity elements were combined into playful abstract illustrations that served as hero images for the new website, a bold look that stands out from competitors’ sites.


identity, print, digital
Mesta Metal Coatings primary logo
Mesta Metal Coatings brand color palette

Color palette.

Mesta Metal Coatings typography


Mesta Metal Coatings fabric embroidered logo
Mesta Metal Coatings stationery

Stationery and collateral applications.

Mesta Metal Coatings brand illustrations

Graphic hero images.

Mesta Metal Coatings ad
Mesta Metal Coatings ad

Sample advertising.

Responsive website.